Today Viral Videos || आज का वायरल विडियो || વાયરલ વિડિયો

The view of the bridge floating in the water, VIDEO: As soon as the car comes, a wonderful vortex is created, it feels like walking on water, the journey is thrilling. View this post on Instagram A post shared by VIDEO NATION (@videonation.teb) A beautiful floating bridge over a scenic area in Enshi City, Hubei … Read more

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat – ખેડૂત મોબાઈલ સહાય યોજના 2023

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat – Farmer Mobile Sahay Yojana 2023 – Farmer Smartphone Yojana Gujarat 2023 , Gujarat Khedut Smartphone Yojana, Farmer Smartphone Sahay Yojana, Khedut Smartphone Yojana, Khedut Smartphone Scheme, Gujarat Farmer Smartphone Scheme, Gujarat Khedut Smartphone Yojana Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat – Farmer Mobile Sahay Yojana 2023 Gujarat State Government for … Read more

What are the top 10 highest grossing Indian movies?

Pathan towards becoming number-1 in Top 10 Bollywood movies, see which film is at which number in the list? Pathan has collected around 438 crores at the Indian box office and 849 crores worldwide in 13 days. Pathan made huge money in its second week So far the film has earned so much Top 10 … Read more

Mocha Cyclone News: મોચા વાવાઝોડું કયારે આવશે? કયા અસર થશે? હવામાન વિભાગે કરી આગાહી

Vibhu Patel, Ahmedabad: From January 2023 till today, there has been frequent change in the climate and by seeing the change in season, it seems that the pattern is changing (Monsoon pattern Ambalal Patel). The Western Disturbance moves towards the Himalayas. Due to which there is unseasonal rain in the area of ​​North India, but … Read more

ચાના કપમાં IPLનો સટ્ટો:રાજકોટના હાઈટેક બુકી, કપમાં રહેલ QR કોર્ડ સ્કેન કરતા ખુલે છે ઓનલાઇન જુગારની ID, ટેક્નિક જાણીને ચોકી જશો

It is said that a day is incomplete without tea. Tea lovers feel the power of Rome at the very mention of a sip of tea. But you realize that the same cup from which you are sipping tea during the day has become the new way of betting for bookies. So..! Bookies in Rajkot … Read more

માતા અને 17 વર્ષનો પુત્ર જૂનાગઢથી રાજકોટ આવતા થયો અકસ્માત: એકનું મોત

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old minor died after his bike collided with a stopped tempo near Charkhadi Patia on the Porbandar National Highway while the mother was admitted for treatment with serious injuries. The sad thing is that after the death of the husband eight months ago, the sudden death of one of the sons has left … Read more

All Gujarat Big Temple Live Darshan || Online Live Darshan of Popular Temples of Gujarat

Online Live Darshan of Popular Temples of Gujarat: In today’s technology, places around the world can be seen live. Through mobile, TV, mobile internet, the world has come home. Then visiting the famous temples of the world gives unimaginable joy to the devotees. It is not possible, nor time for any person to visit every … Read more

Top 5 Best Weather Mobile Apps in India in 2023

Before we only had time to watch the news to know the weather in our area. Today, thanks to the advancements in technology and communication, there are different weather applications that allow us to know the weather from our mobile phones. Since there are different weather applications, you have to know the importance of accuracy … Read more

How to take loan from KreditBee || क्रेडिटबी से लोन कैसे लें (KreditBee App Se Loan Kaise Le)

KreditBee Instant Personal Loan: In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about how to get loan from KreditBee, how you can take loan from KreditBee, what are the conditions for taking loan from KreditBee, how much from KreditBee App Loan can be taken, what is the interest rate of KreditBee, what … Read more

How to take loan from Nira App || Nira App से लोन कैसे ले (Nira App Se Loan Kaise Le)

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