How To Make Ringtone Of Your Name || Top 10 Ringtone Maker App For Android || अपने नाम का रीगटोन बनाए

In this way, create your own name ringtone, this will be done in 6 steps, know the process

Ringtone Maker: After listening to name ringtones we all start searching where to find our name ringtones. But getting your own name ringtone is not so easy. Ringtone can be easily created in two ways. Let’s find out.

How To Make Ringtone: There was a time when ringtones were all the rage. Whatever song was trending, people used to make its ringtone and set it in their phones. Often when we hear the ringtone of an unknown phone, we search where to get it. Sometimes we also hear such ringtones where the name of the person in front is heard. After listening to the name ringtone, we search it online where to find our name ringtone. But it is not so easy to make your own name ringtone. Ringtone can be easily created in two ways. Let’s find out.

Prepare ringtone from App

  • Search FDMR – Name Ringtones Maker App on Play Store.
  • With the help of this app one can make ringtone in MP3 of own name.
  • Open the Install app.
  • Users will also get an audio converter. This app supports all formats.
  • Record audio of own name. A song file can also be added to it.
  • You can save the ringtone after it appears.

Create ringtone from website

  • There are many third party apps, from which ringtones can be created. You have to go to freedownloadmobileringtones.
  • Here you will find the option of ‘Search Ringtones’. Search your name there.
  • Your name ringtone will appear there and you can download it by listening.

1Audio MP3 Cutter Mix3.9DOWNLOAD
2MP3 cutter4.7DOWNLOAD
4Music Cutter4.7DOWNLOAD
5MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker4.3DOWNLOAD
6Ringtone Cutter4.7DOWNLOAD
7Ringtone Maker4.6DOWNLOAD
8Ringtone Maker: Music Cutter4.7DOWNLOAD
9Ringtone Slicer FX4.7DOWNLOAD

#1. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix is ​​the perfect app for anyone who wants to make their own ringtones. With just a few clicks, you can easily create custom tones that can be used on any phone.

The app is also very easy to use, so it’s perfect if you want to make ringtones for the first time.


  • Merging two or more audio files,
  • Mix audio clips,
  • Create new audio files,
  • Trim unwanted parts from audio
  • Add effects

#2. MP3 cutter

If you are bored on listening to the same old ringtones on your phone, then now there are some need to be different. Mp3 Cutter which allow you to create your own ringtone. Whether you are looking for fun or romantic lahje ringtone, everything you need in these applications exists.


  • Cut Out The Tuneful Part Of Music
  • Set It As A Unique Ringtone
  • Set It For Every Contact
  • Set Your Own Alarm/notification Ringtone


#3. MP3Cut Pro

One of the most popular ringtones apps is mp3cut pro. This app has become very popular due to a wide range of easy interfaces and features. These app creates a great option for those users who want to make ringtones by their own ringtone / name. With an average rating of 4.9 star, the app has got more than 50,000 users, which indicates that it is a very preferred app.

MP3Cut Pro Features:

  • Cut, mix and match audio files
  • Add music from Google Play Music or iTunes
  • Create custom ringtone
  • Export your ringtone as MP3 or WAV
  • Customize your ringtone experience
  • Set sound quality and duration


#4. Music Cutter

There are many different ringtone apps to choose on the Internet, but finding the correct ringtone ringtone app can be difficult. This Music Cutter and Audio Cutter can help you create your own music track or edit existing audio files quickly and easily and is one of your name ringtone app.


  • Trimmer Audio And Ringtones Maker
  • Make Custom Ringtone
  • Simple But Attractive Design
  • Create Your Personal Ringtone
  • Make Ringtfrom Favourite Song


#5. MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker

Have you ever been able to cut yourself the best part of the songs of your choice and saved them as ringtone alarm music file notifications. With Mp3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker, you can do this easily! This easy tool allows you to cut the best part of your audio song and save it as a ringtone alarm music file notification tone.


  • Select mp3/Select area & Save as Ringtone
  • Inverted Red Triangle to Select and Edit Mp3
  • Display sound in the waveform
  • zoom in and zoom out
  • cut music quickly


#6. Ringtone Cutter

If you are in search of a ringtone app or a Gana Ka Ringtone Banane Wala Apps, then this app is absolutely perfect. This app has got 4.7 rating on Google Store. Using this app is absolutely free. Its features are also very good.


  • select your Favorites song
  • select your songs part
  • Cut Selected Part
  • Give effects & Save as ringtone


#7. Ringtone Maker

Do you seek a free app that helps you create your unique ringtone, then the ringtone maker app is for you. This app has downloaded 5 million users and its rating on Google Play is 4.6.

#8.0Ringtone Maker: Music Cutter

If you have a lot of numbers or SIM cards and you want to create custom ringtones for every one, and if you do not have time to get music for every ringtone. So the ringtones manufacturer like music cutter can help. This app lets you create a ringtone from any song or audio file, and there are many types of features that can make your ringtone more personal.

#9. Ringtone Slicer FX

Do you like to listen to your favorite music while you drive, workout, or just relax?

But when it comes to finding the perfect ringtone for your phone, you are stuck with the same old tunes.

Well, not anymore! RSFX is a free app that allows you to create and customize your own ringtones.

Make ringtone from any song of your choice with this app and be different from everyone.

#10. Timbre

If you’re looking for an app that lets you create custom ringtones for your iPhone or Android device, check out “Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3”.

This app has been downloaded by 50 lakh users and has received good response from its users.


If you are looking for one of the best Apne Naam Ki Ringtone Banane Wala Apps, Video Ringtone Banane Wala Apps, or “Gana Ka Ringtone Banane Wala Apps” which have multiple features, then you must download the top 10 ringtone maker apps listed above. Do it.

These apps have many features that will help you create ringtones very easily.

Hope you have found the ringtone maker app of your choice. Share the information if you like it.

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