Daily Horoscope Zodiac || Aaj Ka Rashifal || Today Horoscope || Aaj nu Rashifal


Positive:- You will have a great day, joining social organizations and doing service work, ongoing problems related to property will be solved.

Negative:- Some problems may also occur in the afternoon. If you don’t get proper results according to hard work, don’t let stress dominate. Over time, work will gradually return to normal

Business:- Complete any new business related work before starting. Any work done in haste can be harmful

Love:- Husband and wife will be under some stress regarding their personal relationship.

Health- Maintain proper daily routine and food habits to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Lucky Color- Blue

Lucky number – 2


Positive:- The hard work that has been going on for some time can get favorable results. There will be an opportunity to meet some special people and special issues will also be discussed.

Negative:- Pay attention to your work due to rift or disturbance, investment related works may be postponed.

Business – There may be mutual differences with employees in the workplace. Your work will be appreciated.

Love:- Married life will be happy.

Health: Along with work, you should also take care of your health.

Lucky Color- Pink

Lucky Number- 7


Positive:- The position of the planets is very good at this time. If you resume the stopped work it will definitely be completed. You will also have a special contribution in solving family problems.

Negative:- Don’t let past negativity dominate the present. Due to which the relationship may sour.

Business:- There will be some ups and downs in business but due to your hard work this will also get resolved.

Love:- Marriage life remains sweet due to proper harmony between husband and wife.

Health:- To avoid seasonal problems like cold, cough, adopt Ayurvedic method and maintain a moderate daily routine.

Lucky Color- Green

Lucky number- 1


Positive:- Discussion with family members will solve family problem, get stuck money back.

Negative:- Maintain a moderate daily routine. Recognize the value of time, if you don’t work on time you will suffer.

Business:- Excellent business plans will be made. But if a partnership is being planned, it needs to be reconsidered.

Love:- Going to dinner with family members can be a program. And there will be a sense of trust towards each other in love relationships.

Health:- Generally health will be good.

Lucky Color- Pink

Lucky Number- 5

the lion

Positive:- If any dispute is pending, it shall be resolved by mutual consent.​​​​​​

Negative:- Interfering in other’s affairs should be avoided. Control unnecessary spending and control anger and passion.

Business:- Full seriousness towards work is required, at this time there is a need to work in coordination with officials.

Love:- There will be a pleasant relationship between family members.

Health:- Due to the current weather your immunity may also deteriorate.

Lucky Color- White

Lucky Number- 3

the bride

Positive:- The start of the day will be very pleasant. Youngsters trying their professional studies may get some good news.

Negative:- Keep certain distance with strangers and don’t let them interfere in your personal life.

Business:- Business related tasks will be completed on time. Some problems may arise between staff and colleagues at workplace.

Love:- There will be mutual harmony in married life.

Health:- Proper rest is necessary along with overwork.

Lucky Color- Blue

Lucky Number- 5


Positive:- Having a positive attitude should complete the planned work on time. So focus on your work instead of wasting time

Negative:- Listening and solving children’s problems increases their confidence, keep your temper simple due to anger.​​​​​​

Business:- If there is a property deal going on, make sure to check the documents properly.

Love:- There will be movement of relatives in the house. And stress and fatigue will also be relieved.

Health:- Keep blood pressure, diabetes etc. checked regularly.

Lucky Color- Yellow

Lucky Number- 8


Positive:- Favorable planetary conditions are happening. Some mistakes of the past will be learned, the day will be refreshed by the contacts of people connected with politics.

Negative:- Sometimes there will be sadness due to not getting the desired result in some work. But don’t worry, it will be solved soon.

Business:- The time is favorable for starting a new business. Although there will not be much success now, but the best results will come in the near future.

Love:- You will get some happiness from children.

Health:- You will be bothered by cervical and shoulder pain.

Lucky Color- Sky Blue

Lucky number- 1


Positive:- Some stalled tasks will be completed from time to time and you will be able to do something new.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Negative:- A relative or friend may have to help, due to which some tasks may remain incomplete. Drive carefully

Business: – Business activities will be organized and there will be sources of income.

Love:- Your pleasant behavior will maintain a good atmosphere at home. A relationship with persons of the opposite sex is the cause of your disgrace

Health:- Problems like body aches and spasms in nerves will be experienced.

Lucky Color- Purple

Lucky Number- 9


Positive:- It will be appropriate to follow Vastu related rules while doing renovation work in home or office. People trying to go abroad will get some good news.

Negative:- Excessive responsibilities can make you busy.

Business- Make your presence mandatory in the field and prioritize your decisions for sure you will get favorable results.

Love:- Support of spouse and family members will increase your morale.

Health:- Avoid rich food. There will be joint pain and restlessness due to gas, indigestion etc.

Lucky Color- Saffron

Lucky Number- 7


Positive:- Luck is with you. You feel full of energy, your pre-planned tasks may be completed ahead of time

Negative- Limit your budget according to your needs

Business:- Consult an experienced person while taking any decision in business.

Love:- Don’t let outsiders interfere in your married life.

Health:- Stay away from conditions like addiction, stress etc. Any kind of carelessness while driving can prove harmful.

Lucky Color- Brown

Lucky number – 2


Positive:- Students are progressing about their subjects, will be able to focus on their studies.

Negative:- Don’t allow carelessness and laziness in your daily routine.

Business:- Profit opportunities are being created in business. Associates and employees will get full cooperation in partnership business

Love:- There will be peace and happiness in the house

Health: Unbalanced diet can cause upset stomach.

Lucky Colour- Sky Blue

Lucky number- 6

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