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How to Claim Car Insurance In Gujarati: Gone are the days when owning a four wheeler was considered a luxury. With the easy availability of car loans and budget-friendly options, four-wheelers are now within the reach of the common man. As a car owner, you should always be prepared for road accidents.

Even if you are a good driver and always follow all the traffic laws, you never know when you might be involved in an accident. In such unexpected events, you first need to know how to make a car accident insurance claim.

Every human being dreams of owning a car in which he can travel far and wide with his family. But even where there is a vehicle there is danger. There is also a risk of an accident if you are driving. In case of an accident, you incur a loss and sometimes you have to pay for it from your pocket, but if your car is insured, you can avoid this loss and take a claim from the insurance company.

Instead of waiting for an unexpected accident to happen, it is better to fully understand the process of how to make an insurance claim when you buy car insurance. So, how do you file a claim if you are in a car accident? (how to claim car insurance in Gujarati) Before understanding that, let us first try to know the basics of filing a claim (How to Claim Car Insurance In Gujarati).

What does Car Insurance Claim Filing mean?

By purchasing third-party or comprehensive car insurance, you significantly reduce your financial liabilities that may arise from an accident. But in order for your insurer to pay for losses, damages or injuries, you must first inform your insurer about the accident.

This process of informing the insurer is known as filing a claim. It is essential that you provide your insurance company with as much information and relevant documents as they need to help them analyze the accident. If the claim is in accordance with the terms and conditions of your insurance, the insurance company will accept your claim and compensate you for the accident.

Types of Car Insurance Claims

There are two types of car insurance policy claims – Cashless Claims and Reimbursement Claims.

Cashless Claims

With cashless claims, you don’t need to pay upfront for your car repairs. Simply file a claim and take your damaged car to one of the insurer’s network garages to get it fixed. Your insurance company will settle the bill directly with the garage. Note that this facility will be available only at your insurer’s network garage.

Reimbursement Claims

If for some reason you are not able to take your car to one of the insurer’s network garages, you can get it repaired at any garage. You have to pay for the damage from your pocket and then get the compensation amount from your insurance company. Note that you will need the original repair bill to file a refund claim.

How do you file a car accident claim in case of an accident? Claim filing process is same for cashless and reimbursement claims. For cashless claims, you should take your car to one of your insurer’s network garages, and in case of compensation claims, you can get your car repaired at any garage and later claim the amount from the insurance company.

How to Claim Car Insurance in Gujarati

How to Claim Car Insurance In Gujarati, How to Claim Car Insurance When a car accident occurs, your car, you or another car may be damaged. There are several things you need to take care of for claims when an accident occurs. There are many who run away in fear and leave the injured in pain. If your vehicle is insured, you don’t have to leave the injured person and run away, but you don’t have to help them either. During accidents you have to handle this situation very carefully. If you want to claim in the insurance company, follow the following prose (How to Claim Car Insurance In Gujarati).

Collect evidence of the incident?

Don’t run away when an accident happens. Treat the injured person first. Take evidence of the damage your car caused to someone else’s vehicle at that location, as you can take photos of your vehicle, video recording.

If a vehicle has collided with your vehicle, know the details of the driver of the vehicle such as his name, mobile number and address. Also, note the car number.

If you take the name, address and mobile number of any witness who saw the incident at the spot. This may help you later.

If you have an accident, collect information about the type of injury you have sustained, seek treatment from the nearest hospital and find out from a doctor what type of injury it is.

Accident and Police FIR (File a Police Complaint)

Many people shy away from getting police FIRs when accidents happen, but they are part of accidents and claims. Be it injury to others or own injuries. In both cases, you must lodge an FIR at the nearest police station. This report helps you get the claim.

How to inform the insurance company after an accident? (Get in Touch with Your Insurer)

You should also notify the insurance company immediately after the accident. If your car breaks down, you should notify the insurance company before taking it to a garage or service center. Usually within 24 hours of the accident you must call the toll free number at the insurance company and report it.

Assessment of damage in accidents

Accidents can damage both the car and the body. When you report the accident to the insurance company, the officials come to inspect on their behalf. This size evaluates the damage done to your car. The company also tells you about the nearest service center when you get the insurance. The insurance company itself arranges to pick up your car and even pays to repair the claim when it is approved. Keep a firm bill of any money you have to spend in getting a claim from the insurance company and present it at the time of claim. This claim also adds the money you spent. With all these costs, the insurer’s representative sends a report to the insurance company.

File the Claim

You can file a claim offline or online. You should fill the claim form and mention the details of the accident. You must also submit several documents to successfully file your claim.

Proceed to Garage

Once the claim is filed, you can take your car to a garage to get it repaired. You can either go to a network garage to use the cashless claim facility or any other garage to avail the refund facility.

What are the Documents Required for Filing a Car Insurance Claim?

As mentioned above, you have to present some documents to file a claim. These are the documents you will need-

Duly filled claim form.

Copy of car insurance policy.

Copy of driving license and RC book.

Copy of FIR.

Medical receipts in case of physical injuries.

Original repair bill if you are availing refund facility.

What Happens After the Claim Is Filed?

After you file your claim, the insurance company begins the car accident insurance claim settlement process. A surveyor will be assigned to your case by your insurance company. The surveyor will visit the garage where your car is being repaired to inspect the damage. If everything is in order your claim will be accepted, and you will be compensated for the accident.

How many ways do insurance companies handle claims?
The insurance company takes 10 to 15 days to settle small claims, but if it is serious and big, it may take a few months to settle the accident. The company can give you two options for payment of claims.

Cashless mode claim
Cashless mode, you take your vehicle to a garage or service center contracted with the insurance company and get it repaired. The company later pays it directly to the garage or service center. The surveyor who assesses your damage there assesses the damage by making a rough calculation.

Mode of Reimbursement
In it, a surveyor sent by the insurance company inspects your car and sends an estimate to the insurance company. You have to repair the car yourself initially you have to put money from your pocket and after repair you have to claim it along with the expense bill. The insurance company pays for it.

Avoid these things in accident claims? (How to Claim Car Insurance in Gujarati)
While making a vehicle insurance claim, people make various mistakes due to the fear of accidents that will result in rejection of their claim. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when making a claim when your vehicle is in an accident.

First of all, when an accident occurs, do not panic or try to move your vehicle away. This can weaken your insurance claim because you accidentally ran away.

If your vehicle breaks down after an accident, do not repair it yourself. Or take it to the garage yourself and not give it in for repair. First notify your insurance company and let an insurance company official assess the damage. Then get your car repaired as per the insurance company official.

Sometimes people are tempted to exaggerate their accidents. Also some facts have been hidden. It can only hurt you. If you don’t say all the things are true, your claim can be rejected.

When your car claim goes to the company and is evaluated by the insurance company, look after it properly. If something is left, make sure to tell you about it and settle only then. Be sure to seek the help of a lawyer if possible.

You should have a good understanding of what to do when there is a vehicle accident. One thing to keep in mind when an accident happens is if you have all the documents and it is not your fault, never run away in panic. Take anyone injured by your car to the hospital and claim for expenses. It won’t hurt you. But if you run away from there, action will be taken against you.

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